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Rental Price for Party Bus

My best friend is going to be in town for a week, and I am so excited. I have not got to see him in months now, and we always have an awesome time when he is in town. I wish he never moved to go to school and be with his girlfriend. But I guess that’s life and growing up. I am looking at prices on to get an idea to what it would cost to rent a party bus for the night.


I Finally Went to the Family Reunion

There is a family reunion once a year, but I never go. I haven’t really been with my other relatives in a long time, aside from a few times where I’ve ran into them at the store. They always ask me why I didn’t come to the reunion, and I make up some excuse about not being able to get there. This year, the family decided to rent a Diamond Toronto party bus to pick everyone up, so no one would have any excuse about not being able to come. They had me trapped in a corner, so I gave in and finally decided to go to the reunion.

It was a nice gesture to pick everyone up in a party bus, especially since this year, the reunion took place at a park that is miles away from where I live.