Having a Nice Trip and Book Hotel in Lombok

Hotel in LombokIf you want to have nice trip in exotic islands, try Lombok as your destination. Located in Indonesia this island has beautiful view and a tropical weather. Lombok is included to the NTB (Nusa Tenggara Barat) province. The island has width reaching 5.435 km². The capital city of Lombok is in Mataram City. At the far west of Lombok, there is the Sunda strait that separates Lombok with Bali islands. The people in Lombok using Bahasa Indonesia as their main language, but there is one another language used in this island that is Bahasa Sasak. The inhabitant consists of the Sasak tribe, and the rest is Balinese, Javanese, Chinese, and Arabians. That is why Lombok has so many uniqueness from the natures, customs, and the traditional foods.

Recently, Lombok becomes famous. There are numerous natural sites in the island. One of the most popular is Senggigi beach. This beach located in the west part of Lombok islands. You can do snorkeling as this beach serves you wonderful view under the sea. Or, you can go to Gili Nanggu to go snorkeling. This is one of the small islands that still including the Lombok area.  Another place is Batu Bolong near Senggigi Beach. This place is a Balinese Temple built above the coral in the edge of the beach. Gili Lombok islands can be your next destination as the three beautiful small island located side by side near Lombok. Other places to go are Sekotong beach, Mount Rinjani, Sendang Gila waterfall, Tamana Nardama park, and many more.

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