I Finally Went to the Family Reunion

There is a family reunion once a year, but I never go. I haven’t really been with my other relatives in a long time, aside from a few times where I’ve ran into them at the store. They always ask me why I didn’t come to the reunion, and I make up some excuse about not being able to get there. This year, the family decided to rent a Diamond Toronto party bus to pick everyone up, so no one would have any excuse about not being able to come. They had me trapped in a corner, so I gave in and finally decided to go to the reunion.

It was a nice gesture to pick everyone up in a party bus, especially since this year, the reunion took place at a park that is miles away from where I live. I had never been to the park before, and had only heard the name a couple of times on television. The other family members were surprised to see me on the bus. They filled me in on the details of their lives and I told them about mine. It wasn’t so bad seeing them again after all this time.

At the reunion, there was a lot of food to eat. I just went down the line, filling my plate with a little of everything until I couldn’t pack anymore. Even at the end of the day, there was still so much left and everyone was packing plates to take home with them. We played games and danced as well. The smaller kids jumped around in the bounce house, while the adults played cards and dominoes. I consider myself to be the best poker player in our family, and I challenged one of my uncles to a game. It was close, but I was able to beat him.