Rental Price for Party Bus

My best friend is going to be in town for a week, and I am so excited. I have not got to see him in months now, and we always have an awesome time when he is in town. I wish he never moved to go to school and be with his girlfriend. But I guess that’s life and growing up. I am looking at prices on to get an idea to what it would cost to rent a party bus for the night. Because since it will likely be months before I get to see my best friend again, I want to make sure that we have a really amazing time out on the town while he is in town.

I have been planning it for a few days, and I think that my plan is going to be pretty awesome. I want to rent a party bus, and have my best friend, along with a bunch of our other close friends take the bus to downtown Toronto and then hit up a few bars of our favorite bars. There is also this new bar that just opened recently, and I have not been to it before, but I have heard really good things about it. It is definitely one of the more expensive bars in the city, but I am not really worried about money too much right now.

I do not get to see my friend very often, so spending a lot of money for one awesome night is not too big of a deal to me. It is not like I will regularly be spending this type of money, and so I can afford to blow a lot of money as a one-time thing. I also going to get some of the other guys to pitch in on the party bus rental cost.